5 Tips to Keep your Digital Photos Organized

Thanks to digital photography, everyone in these days has a camera or smartphone having high pixelated camera feature in their pocket and photos now are instantly accessible and shareable. But, the major drawback is the hassle of organizing and managing our digital pictures on our computers. Almost all of us have a habit of uploading our images in social websites like Facebook, etc. So, whatever may be the source of photos, we transfer them to our PCs or laptops. First of all, delete the unwanted stuff from your laptops or PCs, and keep only the essential pictures that make picture organization easier.

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It is a really hard thing to manage our digital pictures. So, I would like to give some tips to organize and maintain your digital photos on your computer. Follow these tips and easily organize all your digital images on your PCs.

Find Photos when you want them:

Naming and tagging the images and folders are the easy ways to find a single image you are seeking. Here are few easy tips to make it easy to locate your photos

  1. Add keywords and tags that describe what is in the photo.
  2. Using a face recognition feature in photo software.
  3. Assign a location either manually or through GPS in a photo library.
  4. Name the folders and save them to a specific place on your computer. It is better to create sub-folders in the pictures folder.
  5. Creating a collection of the album of your favorite photos from each event is the best idea for organizing the photos.

Organizing pictures in Adobe Photo Elements:

Professional photographers as well as common users nowadays use Adobe Photoshop software for editing and making their pictures more attractive. Adobe Photoshop Elements is available for Windows as well as for Mac. The function of Elements is to import photos into folders that make easy to find the pictures on the computer. This is handy when you want to save the photos to an external drive and connect that drive to the other computer. Photo Elements has a number of built-in organizing tools that can be readily adjusted to regroup the photos, making them easier to find. Choose Organizer in the window to start.

Select the place to save your imported photos:

You can do this in just three easy steps:

  1. Click on Import: On clicking Import, the import window will open. It is important to select a location to save your photos and name the folders. To do this, click on Advanced Settings in the bottom left of the window.
  2. Under import settings, browse to the location of the folder on your system or the external drive where your photos will be saved. Pictures folder is the default location.
  3. Create a sub-folder for the current photo import, which will help you to find the photos outside of the Photoshop Elements App. The default is to name the folders by date. But, some people may find it easier to remember the name of the event rather than the date when it was taken. Use the drop-down menu to select the Custom name. Then, name the folder for the events that you importing. So that you will be able to find the pictures on your system by searching for the folder.

Organizing Photos on Mac:

Photos App is a part of Mac OS X, and it organizes your pictures and offers basic editing functions. Pictures from your iPad and iPhoto will be added here automatically along with the location of the photo. A single click is enough for ordering prints and books or share photo or album with your family.

One can add facial recognition, keywords, and location information to the digital photos in the Info window after importing them. To bring up the Info window, click on a photo to highlight it, and then press Command + i. In the Info window, you can

Add Keywords, which is essential for quickly finding photos in the future.

Add a title, which names the file if you want to export and saves it in a folder on your PC.

Favorite the photos. You can do this by clicking on the heart adds the photos to your favorites album.

Add a face. When selecting a single photo, you will get an option to add a face. Clicking on the + symbol will display a circle on the photo. Drag the circle over the face you are naming, and type in a name. If the person is in your contact, then you can select the suggested name from a list.

Add a location. If your camera or the other digital media device doesn’t have GPS, then you can add a location by typing in the city, state, country, landmark, the theme park or the other location details. Photos will then automatically suggest places, click on the best match. Then, a pin will appear on the map below. Wait for a while until the chosen location is filled out so that it gets saved with the photo. However, you can even adjust the location pin by dragging and dropping it. Run a search for the place name, if you want to find photos from a particular location.

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