6 Problems which Stops your SD Card Working

SD Card is one of the memory storage device, which is commonly used by people in Camera, Smartphone’s and some media devices to save important files like images, documents, videos, audios and so on. When your SD card gets corrupted or damaged due to some reason then why does my memory card say blank SD Card or SD Card stop working on your device?

Lets me explain you the 6 common problems which stops SD Card from working:

  1. Abrupt eject of SD card from device:

When SD Card is connected to the system through card reader, an abrupt ejection of SD Card while transferring the files between the device and SD Card will terminate the transfer process and might stop your SD Card working.

While performing some operation on SD Card by connecting it to system, if you eject the SD Acrd without selecting safe eject option then your SD Card stop working.

  1. Corrupt / damage of SD Card:

When you are recording the video / capturing the image on camera or Smartphone, if your SD Card gets ejected or device gets turn off then it leads to corrupt of SD Card and it stop working.

Some unknowing reason like improper handling or usage of SD Card by user might leads to SD Card corruption so that data present in SD Card cannot be accessed when you connect them on your devices.

  1. Virus or malware attack on SD Card:

When you connect your SD Card to virus infected computer through card reader then your entire SD Card gets corrupted and the SD Card stop working.

When you download the virus infected files from online to your device then some malware gets saved and affects your entire SD Card so that files present in SD Card become inaccessible.

  1. Incomplete format of SD Card:

When you want to format your SD Card by connecting it to the system though card reader, while system formatting your SD Card if you eject the SD Card suddenly then it will leads to your SD Card damage so that your SD Card stop working when you connect it to the device.

While formatting your SD Card on any device, if your device gets turn off suddenly while format process taking place then your SD Card gets affected and it stops working.

  1. Interruption while transferring the files from/to SD Card:

When you are transferring the files from SD Card to device or vice versa, if  you face any type of interruption like device turnoff or SD Card eject then it results to incomplete transfer process so that, later your SD Card won’t work properly when it is connected to device.

  1. Unable to detect SD Card:

While you are transferring your SD Card data to the system, some bad sectors may affect on your SD Card and result to “unable to detect SD Card” notification on your system.

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