Discover the Simplest Way to Unformat Hard Disk

We all know Hard disk is the integral part of Laptop and Desktop PC. Even though different digital storage devices are evolving over time, the market of system hard disk is still safe. The other digital storage devices may have many advantages like portability in case of pen drive, memory card, and external hard disk but. We have migrated to the digital world by making most of the documents stored into digital storage devices. Most of the people store all of their precious and confidential data into the hard disk. It will be a disaster if the hard disk is crashed or became inaccessible due to any reason

Almost every user might have encountered several situations leading to loss of data due to formatting. Some people may be knowing how to fix this issue but in case of most people, they will keep wondering on what to do. Normally they try to seek help from professionals. Unformatting of hard disk means recovering all the lost or deleted data due to formatting of hard disk. If you still don’t know how to unformat disk, just keep reading as in this article you will discover the simplest way to unformat hard disk.

I don’t remember, how many times I have unformatted hard disk? Hard to remember of course as I do it for others also, but I do remember the tool which I used to do it successfully. Unformat Disk utility is the simplest tool that will allow you to recover all your lost or deleted data due to the formatting of hard disk. I always rely on the very same tool and it never failed me. Before getting more into that lets also revise the various reasons leading to data loss due to formatting of hard disk.

Reasons of data loss due to formatting of hard disk:

  • Human blunders always stay as the number one cause, accidental formatting of your hard drive, a clear suicidal mission instead of formatting the device mounted onto your PC or a different partition, just went on with the wrong choice.
  • At times have to deal with errors like drive not formatted prompting you to format the partition this can be termed as intentional formatting,
  • While trying to create a new partition using an unreliable third party tool things may go out of hand.
  • The other reason is bad sectors in your hard drive, it causes abnormal freezing of your system most often.
  • MBR (Master Boot Record) corruption is another cause data loss, where your PC doesn’t allow you to go inside, this will force you to do a format.
  • Virus infection is another common cause, this will put you in all sorts of trouble, which leads into hard drive failure.
  • Errors occurring due to file system conversion, this might erase table of contents.
  • Errors occurred during the repartitioning of hard drive also cause File system corruption.
  • Interruption during the defragmentation of hard drive also leads to loss of data.

Unformat Disk-The simple way to unformat hard disk:

Unformat Disk is an efficient application built to recover all the lost or deleted data from the formatted hard disk. Unformat disk utility is strongly recommended by technical experts due to its prolific results in the recovery process. This software to unformat disk is an easy to use tool with many advanced features allows you to recover data from formatted disk in a speedy way.

Key features of Unformat Disk Utility:

  • The quick scanning process works efficiently to recover all deleted or lost files and folders from the formatted hard drive partition.
  • Unformat Disk tool provides an interactive interface, which gives rich guidelines and very detailed descriptions to its users.
  • This utility have the exclusive ability to identify and retrieve every major file formats of photo, audio, video, and raw files.
  • Sort option available with Unformat Hard disk tool helps in sorting the restored lost files as per the time of modification, size and name.
  • You can test the efficiency of this utility, trial version is available for free, download it from internet, it gives every features except save option.
  • Saving the recovery session is really handy for any user which allows you to resume the scanning process whenever you want, a real time saver.
  • This tool allows preview option before saving the recovered files into the destination you prefer.
  • Unformat Disk works with various operating systems i.e. Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008.
  • Files recovered by the help of this utility may also be compressed using zip archive this is of real advantage to save the storage space.

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