Fix to Code 43 errors on Windows systems

The error code 43 is probably to encounter in Windows Device Manager due to some hardware issue. It could also be driver issues that Windows report that the driver has stopped working. The device manager could report error code 43 with devices as USB drives, printers, video cards, webcams and other externally connected hardware devices.

Despite, this trouble generated on Windows system can be considered to be temporary. Moreover, the error code 43 can report along Windows 10 – Windows 8/8.x – Windows 7 –  Windows Vista – Windows XP systems. The error code 43 is considered to be a device manager error only if it appears in the Windows Device Manager; otherwise, it is considered as system error code. If you encounter this error code 43 in the device manager then you have certain troubleshoot techniques –

Fixing Code 43 error in Windows Device Manager

  • Restart the PC

The first approach upon seeing code 43 error is to restart the Windows. If it is the minor or temporary issues you will find that the error fixed simply after rebooting the system. If it is with your laptop, just turn it off – remove the battery – reinsert the battery – turn on the laptop.

  • Changes in the device manager

It could also be that some changes that you have done in the device manager made it reflect the error status 43.  Therefore, you will have to take the next step accordingly to the changes made. This can include – rolling back to the previous device driver version, re-configuring recently installed the device, using Windows system restore option and so on.

  • Device Drivers

Uninstalling and then re-installing device drivers is also another possible solution to overcome error code 43.  With proper device driver installation from the scratch Windows would stop displaying error code 43 in the Device Manager.

  • Update Device drivers and BIOS

An outdated device drive could also prove troublesome at times. Henceforth, update the Windows Device driver for the smooth functioning of the device when connected to your Windows system. In addition to this, you can update the Windows BIOS and see if the error code persists on your PC.

  •  Replace the cables or hardware

You can also inspect the cable connections that connect the hardware device to your system. If it is faulty then you can consider replacing it. In a similar way, it is a major hardware problem you may have to replace the hardware device.

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