How to Hide Top Sites in Safari?

The Safari web browser has a wonderful feature that it can identify your favorite sites and keep record of the most frequently visited websites and shows this commonly visited sites on a Mac as “Top Sites” or “frequently visited sites” on iPad devices. However, many people do not find this feature useful at all and probably prefer not to view this Top Sites when opening Safari  or switching to a new window. Luckily, this feature is customizable. You have the option to customize it or you can disable it completely.

The main reason behind hiding this feature is that the Safari browser shows your personal information and also browse the advertising of the websites that you visited again and again.

Hide the Top Sites in Safari on Macintosh


The Safari default shows 3×4 grid of Top Sites with many new windows and tabs in Mac representing the sites you visit most often. This may give you nice home page but it also slow down Safari browser on OS X. Well, you can entirely remove the Top Sites as well as makes others harder to find out the most frequently visited websites.

Following are the steps to get rid of Top Sites in Safari:

  1. In the browser menu, hit on Safari then select Preferences. You can also make use of keyboard shortcut i.e. Command+.
  2. Next you have to modify the default for new windows and new tabs as anything like home page, current page or empty page rather than Top Sites.
  3. This is optional. You can change the number of sites that appears in the list of Top Sites.
  4. At last close the Preferences window.

If you don’t wish to see Top Sites in Safari in iOS

When you open an iPhone, iPod or iPad touch browser to a new tab or any blank page, you will notice “Frequently Visited Top Sites” section in iOS. This is very helpful and convenient for user to access their regularly websites and pages quickly. But, it may also reveal sites that you may not want anyone to know you are visiting often. Apart from privacy concerned, you may not like frequently visited sites, hence completely disable Top Sites in Safari for iOS.

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