How to Recover Data from a Corrupt Hard Disk Drive

Learn how to retrieve data from a corrupt hard drive?

The complete tutorial on how to recover files from a corrupt hard disk drive.

If you are a technical user, then you would perhaps know that hard disk drive failures are inevitable. Odds are that, in the long run, disk failure will happen to anyone you know or probably even you. But the good news here is that there are a variety of methods and reliable equipment out there that can help you rescue your hard drive data. In this page, I would like to share with you a reliable and updated method of extracting data from a corrupt hard disk drive. Read on!

Connect the crashed hard disk drive to another computer:

Before you can get proper access to the crashed hard drive, you will need to eject it from the current computer and connect it to another system as a secondary storage drive. The easiest way to do this is to make use of a USB to IDE / SATA cable or adapter.  If you don’t have one with you then you may be able to attach the corrupt hard drive to another desktop PC internally as a secondary media drive.  After you do that, make sure that the PC detects the hard drive in the BIOS system or else you will not be able to see it once the system boots up.

Now, after the hard drive is available on another computer after connecting it internally or with the USB cable, check to find if you can view the contents of the disk.  If you can, then try to copy all important data that you would like to rescue to another drive. There is a possibility that only the Windows operating system is malfunctioning and the user data on the drive is still fine.

Make use of a reliable data recovery software:

If you are not able to manually get the data off your corrupt hard drive then you must try to recover corrupted hard drive data using a trusted data recovery application.  Make sure that you do not install the data recovery software on to the same drive that you are attempting to restore data from. Or else, doing so will actually overwrite contents that you want to get back.

You can use Remo Recover for retrieving data off corrupted hard drive:

Remo Recover as a complete data recovery software provides the best solution to recover all your data from crashed or corrupted hard disk drive with ease.

  • Compatibility – Remo Recover software is compatible with all new versions of Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Free from Virus – No spyware, malware or virus as it is updated using latest anti-virus applications
  • Providing Trial Version for free – The software is available as a freeware for trial, which enables customers to view all recoverable files before going for the licenced edition of the product
  • You can use this tool to retrieve data from formatted volumes, hard disks affected with bad sectors, deleted partitions, and the like

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