How to Recover Missing Data on Windows Computer

One of the common problems every Windows user frequently faces is missing their important data. The possible cases of missing of data can be:

System is affected by virus or malware: When virus attacks the system, it repeatedly tries infecting software and some tries to delete all the files and folders which are present on your hard drive. Nowadays, if your system is running outdated version of antivirus software then it is not in state of preventing all virus attacks and often you will meet this case.

Accidental file loss: When you no longer require some files, you delete them but while performing delete operation, by coincidence some of your important data may also get deleted. As a consequence you see your essential files are missing from the hard drive.

Checking Files at Recycle Bin: If files are deleted, first they are stored in Recycle Bin when checked and they are not present there, it was a case of permanent deletion of files by deleting with combination of keys Shift + Del

Recovering lost/deleted data:

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Meeting aforementioned scenarios, you need a data recovery software to recover lost files on Windows. Remo Recover software will restore all your missing or lost data which is:

  • Permanently removed from a hard drive.
  • System is crashed.
  • Incidentally formatted the hard drive.

After scanning the hard drive for lost data contents software will categorize the recovered files according to filename, file type; file size and date modified, thus making it easier for the user to quickly select a particular kind of recovered data. After Scan operation “Preview” will come, it is used to check the condition of recovered files. The demo version of this software offers the facility to examine the file while to save a recovered file users are obliged to have an activated copy of this software. It supports major file system in Windows such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, and ExFAT.

Using Remo Recover Recovery Software:

Remo recover software has an easy to use user interface through which a user can easily recover a file by following the given steps:

  • Download the application and install it on other directory (i.e. not on the partition of the drive from where that file had lost.)
  • Run the Software and select a hard disk drive partition from where your file is lost.
  • Wait for some time till application completely scan the whole partition of the drive.
  • After successful completion of scan, the application will list all kinds of folders and files and categorize them according to their type.
  • Select a file from the list which is relevant to yours.
  • Select the recover option to provide a new directory where you want to save your recovered file.


If you face aforementioned data missing conditions, immediately stop carrying out any copying, moving of data or installations of any program into that drive, as at present the drive contains the traces of lost files. Performing any above mentioned operations will eliminate the possibility of data recovery.

Always update your system with the latest antivirus software to prevent any virus and malware attacks into the system.

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