How To Set Up Your Wireless Router for Gaming?

Playing games over the Internet is a lot easier than it used to be. No one needs to go back to the times of modem initialization strings, manually entering IP addresses, and disconnected whenever somebody else picked up the phone. With the appearance of broadband net and home networks, users discovered an entire host of recent issues associated with that best invention: the home router. Opening ports, others saturating your network association and messing up your game, IP address conflicts, you name it. D-Link has their DGL series routers, Netgear markets its WNHDE111 as a great gaming router, and Linksys calls its WRT330N a Gaming Router.

Below are the steps to set up wireless router for gaming:

NAT Restrictions: Some routers, by default, are set to a strict or moderate level which can lead to blocked ports. A port could be a virtual association on a router that permits web traffic in and out of a network. Few gaming systems require certain ports to be open for a smooth online gaming experience. Once you know which ports need to be opened for your gaming platform to run smoothly, you can use the software from your wireless router to configure the ports by creating a port forwarding rule to open them up. If you’re still experiencing slow game play after opening of the appropriate ports, you might also want to make sure that you do not have two devices performing NAT. Some modems today can even act as access points and routers, therefore if your modem and router each are doing this, then it will effect on your network’s performance.

Universal Plug and Play (UPnP): You can improve the quality of your network by using Universal Plug and Play which is enabled on your router and on the connected devices on the network. This unique feature helps the router to communicate and discover other devices on the network.

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