Is it possible to recover data after formatting C drive??

Last week there was 25th anniversary of my parents and all the relatives were invited. In that one my cousin used my system to play games and by mistake he had changed the working of my C drive. Later when I started using my computer there was problem in my C drive. That was not able to boot properly and all the important files stored were deleted. Is it possible to restore all the deleted files??

Don’t panic!!! The issue faced by you is not so simple but using some of the recovery tools you can get back all the deleted files present in the C drive. One such recovery tool that can be used in your retrieval process is Remo Recover software which is easy to handle.

Now let us have a brief idea about C drive and its uses. In all the computers when it was developed by Microsoft, A and B letters where assigned to floppy disks and other removable devices and the next letter C was given to the hard drive. It is one of the storage drive that can be used to store any kind of program files of user choice. Whenever the file gets deleted it will remove only its file pointer but in reality the file will be present, so it can be recovered. The recovery tool used should be appropriate like Remo Recover software.

General reasons due to which the files get lost after formatting C drive

Computer virus

There are more chances of system getting infected due to third party tools and behave in abnormal way. If in case, after the scanning process using some of the antivirus softwares also the system is not free from virus, then the C drive might get affected that will lead to formatting.

Presence of bad sectors

Bad sectors are one that is present on hard drive that causes the interruptions during the file transfer process from one device to another. Whenever there is any bad sectors found on the C drive the remaining data cannot be accessed or opened.

FAT table corruption

Windows operating supports FAT and NTFS file system, anyone can be used at a time. These file systems are responsible for proper booting, if there is any interruption in the FAT table due to any modification. This results the user to perform the operation called formatting to the C drive that leads to data loss

Operating system corruption, power failure, improper reformatting, virus attack and many reasons are responsible for C drive to get corrupted that results in formatting. The overall solution to all the above problems is to utilize Remo Recover software and for more information make a visit to the specified URL

Eye catching features of Remo Recover

Remo Recover is one of the excellent software to restore back the files from C drive after formatting in an effortless way. In order to get back the files it will scan the entire drive in few seconds. It provides the user a simple user interface that can be utilized by anyone with less technical knowledge. In Windows operating system it is common to delete the files using shift + delete option and from Command prompt even that can be retrieved in very less span. In order to overcome bad sectors, creates disk images so that lost data can be restored later in less time. Different file types present in C drive can also be recovered and the software explains how to retrieve outlook file on windows that makes user easier.

Safety measures

  • Always keep the backups of important files
  • Make use of effective antivirus to scan the system
  • Proper power backup


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