Know the Trending Features of Raspberry Pi

Smartphones consists of different tools and technologies into a single device. The smartphones are incorporated with camera, calendars, calculator, alarm, MP3, Radio, GPS, Watch, Photo album and many more. However, the size of smartphones is even bigger that hardly adjusts in pocket. Now the trend is changing in which our technology is developed that migrates computer and phones to all new kind. The new technology will be smarter and far better than recent times.

With IoT, it is expected that computing devices will grow from 6 billion to 25 billion by 2020. According to American and Advisory firm Gartner, we are in that era where technology will become cheaper and smaller. Raspberry Pi is the recent era device launched by the University of Cambridge in year 2011. It was sold for $35 for DIY projects. It is sold over 12 million units and Cambridge didn’t expect to sell more than 1000. Last week, the latest Raspberry Pi Zero W launched with a cost of $10. You are able to transform device into a computer with few devices like mouse, keyboard and monitor.

The success behind the implications of Raspberry Pi:

  • It is a herald for the process of IoT
  • Cheap and user-friendly for peoples

Raspberry Pi is the blessing for IoT movement as we know Curiosity is the mother of invention. The device works as a catalyst for developers and engineers to work on different experiments. The teams of techies collaborate to analyze and develop new ideas. The users are tilted towards the modern and trending device Pi which is seen as low cost device which can easily serve the needs adequately. It serves that features which are in expensive phones like OnePlus 3 and Honor 6X.

The students of schools choosing Chromebooks over Macs and iPads. The IDC’s prediction states that market for old smartphones will grow linearly from 81 million to 222 million by 2020. It is expected that old phones are powerful enough for most of the users. It is sad news for premium side of devise market like Samsung which is expecting their comeback with Galaxy Note 7 debacle and Apple which is going to sell 10th anniversary phone over $1000.

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