Latest Feature that you Want to Upgrade for Android Nougat

Android N or Nougat is the greatest and latest version of Android operating system. It is necessary to know that the chances on Android won’t be available to you if you update from setting menus. Unlike the iOS updates that tend to roll together. There are so many Android devices available in market that validate the update at its own pace. Here are few guesses about Android Nougat:

Vastly improved notifications

Notifications, in their simplest kind, square measure designed to create your life easier. They’re alleged to provide you with a warning to breaking news, or necessary messages coming back through.

Somewhere on the approach, their well that means intention got hijacked by liberated to play games and pop-up adverts all told however name. Firstly, Google is fixing that, by permitting you to manage however you’re contacted right from the notification. Long press the notification and you’ll be able to value more highly to taciturnly show future messages from the app, or block it from bothering you altogether.

Multitasking is here

If you’ve used sure handsets from the likes of LG and Samsung, this won’t be something new, however golem candy discloses split screen multitasking to any or all golem handsets. merely hold down the task-switching button and your screen can split into 2, permitting you to figure with quite one app promptly.

For me in person, this can be too fiddly on a small screen (though handy if you prefer to tweet on to TV shows), except for those with larger handsets and for serial multitaskers, it’s a happening.

Better battery life

Every version of golem guarantees higher battery life, and to be truthful it delivers – we tend to simply don’t tend to note, either due to the natural deterioration of our batteries over time or as a result of we’ve upgraded to one thing a lot of power hungry and therefore the gains square measure invisible.

Android candy makes the promise once more, and it will therefore in 2 ways in which. Project Svelte – 1st introduced in 2013 – sees some of necessary updates relating to however power hungry apps will be. you’ll be able to scan a lot of regarding them in Google’s official technical notes, however the long and wanting it’s that apps are going to be forced to be less battery intensive.

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