Method for formatted CF card recovery

CF (compact flash) card are primarily introduced by SanDisk. Other popular manufacturing brands of compact flash memory cards are Transcend, A-Data, Micro Disk, Lexar, Kingston, etc. CF cards are most popular and especially used for recording photos, graphical images, audios and videos in digital cameras and camcorders. By its huge storage capacity and high data access rate it is even preferred for Personal digital assistants (PDA), photo printers and professional DSLR cameras.

Even though CF cards are reliable storage device for media files in some circumstances data disasters can occur. Assume that you are using 32GB CF card in your digital camera to save captured pictures and record videos. After returning from an event, you connected CF card to copy captured media files to your Mac computer. But, instead of selecting scan option, you accidentally clicked on format option that cleared all the data on CF card. This situation is really painful as no one wants to format there CF card and lose there necessary media files. Like accidental formatting there are some other reasons in which users format and lose data from CF card. Some of them are listed below:

  • When you interchangeably use CF card with different digital devices, you may get format error message. This error forces you to format and lose all the pictures, audio and videos on CF card.
  • Sudden system shutdown, abrupt removal of CF card and many other interruptions occurred upon connected with Mac computer for transferring data may lead to CF card corruption. In such situation, a compact flash card corrupted data may generate errors that tends you to erase all media files by formatting.
  • CF card may get infected by viruses or malwares when you copy virus infected files from digital device or when you download files from untrusted website. When you connect such virus infected CF card to your Mac computer, it may ask you to format and remove virus affected media files.

If you have formatted and want to recover formatted CF card Mac then utilize Remo recover software. This advanced recovery tool can perform formatted/ reformatted CF card retrieval with outmost ease. It guarantees to restore CF card data without damaging original source files. Remo recover CF card recovery application provides wide range of features such as:

  • Ability to scan formatted CF card with a deep scanning technique and recovers CF memory card contents like pictures, audios and videos, etc.


  • It can get back 3D images, animations, CCTV footages without altering its quality, which were captured using professional HD camera, digital camcorder and CCTV cameras.


  • Supports various media file formats like PNG, JPEG, TIFF, MPG, MPEG, MP4, MP3, MOV, AVI, etc.


  • Not only generic photo files, it can even find RAW photo files like Nikon-NEF, Sony-ARW, Olympus –ORF and many more.



  • It supports all CF cards manufacturing brands like Transcend, SanDisk, A-Data, Olympus, Fujifilm, Lexar, etc.


  • You can install this app and recover formatted CF card Mac on latest Mac machines like Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, and Leopard.



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