How to Prevent Virus from System?

It is obvious that no one wants to deal with harmful virus and malware program. So the best way to stop malicious program is to install a reliable antivirus tool. It is well said that prevention is better than cure so take precautions and before severe data loss due to harmful virus. Follow few tips that minimizes the computer viruses:

Install Reliable Antivirus: Apply reliable software on your PC to prevent malicious files on computer. With the reliable software, you can easily remove harmful malware programs easily.

Update Antivirus Regularly: You need to update the tool on a regular basis that minimizes the chances of virus infection. At least scan entire hard drive for once in a day.

Avoid Emails from Unknown Contact: Never download attachments received from unknown contact. It may be virus that corrupts entire data stored in hard drive.

Perform Daily Scan: There is possibility that a number of virus entering the system every day. So, perform drive scanning daily to make sure that your computer is free from malware and virus.

Use a firewall on Windows: However, the use of firewall is not that much effective but it is still able to fight against the user’s own data. So use firewall on your Windows system.

Stop running as an administrator:  The role is attached with the users accounts like if you are logged in as an administrator then you are able to do anything but in standard user and guest account you have lesser rights and you are unable to install new program on computer.

Keep operating system updated: It is one of the easiest way to keep out of such problems. Every month Windows is releasing new update that fixes the loop holes in the operating system. It means that the updates tightens the security features of your computer.

Use more secured password: Don’t use same password everywhere so that if one hacked then anyone can easily hack all password of all sites. If you are using different password for each websites then it is really tough for hackers to access your account.

In spite of using these steps if virus entering the system then keep calm and read how to restore missing files and folders after virus attack from your system. This software is capable in recovering data of different file types such as media files, document file, compressed files, etc.

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