How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Folder from External Hard Drive?

At most of the times users mistakenly choose wrong files from the computer and come asking for how to restore them back. In simple cases of deletion, the files or folders from the computer can be quickly restored to the original location from the Trash or Recycle Bin. However, at times you might connect an external storage device to your computer and accidentally delete a file from it. When it is normal deletion the files are redirected to the trash can. So, if realised there on, you can go to the Recycle bin/Trash and click on restore. The files will be then stored back to the original location it the connected drive.failed logical drive recovery

Once you remove the external drive from the computer it is not possible to restore your deleted files directly. Also, at other instances, users go with shift – delete operations where the files are deleted permanently. File or folder deletion via Shift+ delete combination will not move the wiped items to the Recycle Bin folder. It is the same in the case of Macintosh, with permanent deletions the files are not moved to the Trash can.

Thereby, it seems as if the deleted items are gone forever. But as a matter of fact you can recover deleted data from external hard drive. A thing to note here is you should stop using the external device as soon as deletion occurs. It is because the deleted item still remains intact to the external storage even after permanent deletion. The space use by the wiped file is marked as free to be used by other data items. Thus, chances are the file might get overwritten that can decrease the possibility of recovering deleted items.

To restore folder items from an external hard drive or other USB drives, all you need is a specialised program called Remo Recover. With this application it is possible to retrieve N number of files and folders that are deleted from various devices (including the internal hard drive). Connect the external drive to your computer – Install and run the Remo Recover software – choose Deleted File Recovery option – Browse the external drive on the PC – Preview the file items – Save all restored file/folder to a safe storage.

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