Recover Data from RAW Mac Partition

RAW partitions often might experience some problems of inaccessible and corrupt drives. When trying to access the drive, it will prompt you to format the drive so that it can be accessible. But if you do so, all the contents inside will be deleted and you need to recover it. Now, this recovery of raw partition can be done with the help of the RAW partition recovery tool called Remo Recover. The software aims at preserving the data itself in the disk so it ensures the safe recovery of RAW partition.

How Remo Recover Helps in Recovery of RAW Mac partition?

raw partition recoveryAs it is built with state of the art technologies by experts around the globe, you will get more than what you have expected. Remo Recover has the following features.

  • Recovers more than 300 file types from raw partition including JPG, JPEG, PNG, DOC, XLS, ZIP, RAR, MP4, MOV etc.
  • Able to recover files from HFS, HFS+ file systems, hence there are no compatibility issues with the software.
  • Recovers files from pen drives, memory cards, hard disk drives in which the partition is corrupt and raw.
  • Supports all latest operating systems such as Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, etc and scans in-depth to find missing partitions, corrupt raw partitions, and deleted partitions.
  • Very simple Mac styled interface designed to access the software at ease.

All of the features are robust and is a very powerful utility if it comes to data recovery. Also it comes with cool and simple interface that everybody wishes to work on.

There are some factors which determine the RAW partition inaccessible or corrupted:

  • While formatting the partition, if it gets failed due to any of the reason then it might go in a state where it stops accessing it.
  • Shutting down of the mac computer inappropriately may cause serious problems including the corrupted RAW partition where you will probably lose your valuable data.
  • When trying to resize the partition or making mistake while using disk management tool will result in data loss in raw partition.
  • Recurrent system crashes due to virus infections will lead to the loss in Raw partitions. This needs to be eliminated as this is the common reasons of raw partitions.

Steps in RAW Partition Recovery on Mac:

Download and install the software. Then you need to select Recover Volumes or Drives from the visible options and click on either volume recovery or partition recovery depending upon the situation. Select the disk drive where you want your files back from and select next. After successful scanning of files and folders, the built-in preview feature allows you to sneak peek of all your files. You will also have an option to save the recovery session option by stopping them before even the scan process is complete and can resume it later at your own convenient time. The fully functioned version lets you do the magic of saving the recovered files to your disk drive.

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