Recover Data from Unbootable Mac

“My iMac computer won’t boot up and want to copy some important files before reinstalling the operating system. How do I do this? The installed version of operating system is OS X Mavericks. I don’t know the actual reason behind this. The last thing I know was the iMac was behaving erratically when I used it last a few weeks ago. So, is there a simple way of retrieving data from an unbootable Mac?”

Cases where a partition gets deleted:

A computer can go unbootable due to a variety of factors that are known or unknown to you, which may eventually wind up in compromising the safety of all data which is stored on that system. Data loss can occur to any computer at anytime and there are many reasons which can result in data loss including an unbootable Mac computer. Some general aspects are listed below:

  • Facing errors while upgrading the operating system of the Mac can make it unbootable
  • While resizing or modifying the volumes of the Mac, it may get deleted if done improperly. Likewise while increasing or decreasing the size of the hard drive partitions
  • Sometimes due to some unknown errors, the hard drive partition may just disappear all by itself showing the volume space as unallocated
  • The Master Boot Recorder or MBR of the hard disk gets corrupt and while repairing it, data loss might occur

How to retrieve data from a Mac that won’t boot?

You will firstly have to make that hard drive of the unbootable Mac accessible by connecting it to another Mac or PC. Once it is made accessible, you will need to download the free edition of Remo Recover for Mac / Windows tool and install it in order to recover data Mac not booting. By using this application, you can easily find and retrieve all data from an unbootable Mac. Remo Recover scans the entire Mac volume within minutes to locate any missing or erased contents. This tool then recovers the data makes it available to the user which can be saved to any desired location.

Using Remo Recover is a wise choice:

  • Remo Recover tool can recover an entire partition contents even if there are bad sectors on that partition or hard disk. It does so by creating a disk image over the bad sector area and extracts the data from that drive
  • Remo Recover tool can scan the entire hard disk drive quickly and extensively to find all missing or erased contents
  • You can store the partition recovery session after previewing the recoverable data using Save Restoration Session feature
  • Remo Recover tool supports installation on various operating systems such as Mac OS X Mavericks, Yosemite, Mountain Lion and others. It also supports Windows 2002, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.x and 8.x

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