How to recover deleted files from iPod Nano

Remo Recover helps you recover lost iPod Nano files with ease

iPod Nano has been one of the most popular portable media players over the past few years. The device also allowed for storage of photos, videos, podcasts and more. Customers loved the great audio quality of the device and it soon became a worldwide hit!

You listened to your favorite songs on your iPod Nano last night and also saved new songs onto your device. You open the media player this morning and are shocked to see that it’s empty. You search in other folders just to double check if it has been moved elsewhere. No luck there either. You are frustrated thinking about getting back your lost data.

If you have experienced anything similar, we have the solution for you. With Remo Recover, you can easily restore all your lost media files.

Data Loss Scenarios

Before we look at the recovery process, let us glance at how data loss occurs on your ipod nano:

  • While you are trying to synchronise your iPod media to iTunes, any interruption during the transfer can lead to data loss.
  • When iPod is restored to the factory state.
  • Removal of battery during the copy process.
  • If iPod nano is corrupted due to any software or firmware issues, your files can be lost.
  • When iPod device freezes and doesn’t respond.

If your device is frozen, you can get it back to normal by following these steps:

  • Connect your iPod to iPod power adapter which is connected to an electrical outlet.
  • Toggle the hold switch on and off.
  • Now press and hold the Play/Pause and Menu buttons until the Apple/iPod logo appears. You may be required to repeat this step.

Recovery using Remo Recover Software

Remo Recover software has powerful scanning algorithms to recover deleted files from ipod nano. Just install Remo Recover software and follow the on-screen instructions for safe recovery of your data.

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Remo Recover supports recovery from SD, XD, MMC, Memory stick etc., It can distinguish different file types based on their unique signatures.

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