Recover Files after Format Easily and Safely

“Hello friends! I am using LG desktop system since last two years. Till now it hasn’t given any trouble and was working smoothly. But from yesterday my system started bothering me. Actually what happened was, I was surfing on net and there I saw a stunning ad which is a demo video of a game, so naturally I got attracted to the game and decided to download it. After download was finished I installed and played the game for a while. But after some time my system abruptly got shut down. I tried to switch it on, but it asked me to format the system. Since my mind was very keen on playing game, I accidentally accepted to format the drive. Later I realized that the downloaded game brought a lot of virus to my system which resulted in formatting the system. Now I am very much panic that all my vital data in the system was lost cue to formatting. So could anyone suggest me how to recover data after formatting the system? Thanks in advance.”

It is very common that people tend to download software or games when they are browsing something on internet, forgetting about the fact that they will bring lots of viruses to your computer which results in formatting your system. But don’t get frustrated, there is a huge chance to find data after formatting your system. But the first thing you must do now is, stop using the drive immediately and remove it from the system and come to know what kind of format you have done to your system.

Different kinds of system format are:

Quick Format: Fortunately a quick format does not truly delete the data, but it creates a new file table consequently you can write new data into the drive. The old data still at original place and completely left undamaged.

Full Format: In full format, the file table will be deleted and most of the data may be over written depending on the Operating System.

Reformat with OS installation: System will be re-installed with an OS and simultaneously formatting the system.

In all the above mentioned cases, you can restore the formatted data. But to save your system data, try to take some important measures like always maintaining backup of your vital data, installing a licensed anti-virus program etc.

When you format your system, the Operating System will simply erase the file index table and creates a new one without completely deleting data from your hard drive. It marks the erased table as a free space so that new data can be accommodated in the freed space, resulting in less data recovery chances. So it is always advisable not to use the hard drive in which you have performed format operation. Using data recovery tool you can find data after formatting the system.

Remo Recover is the highly recommended data recovery software by experts. Remo Recover supports hard disk interfaces like SATA,SCSI etc.  The software is compatible with all Windows Operating Systems like Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, etc. This software is able to recover data from damaged, corrupted, formatted hard drives.

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