Recover lost images from iPhoto on Mac

iPhoto is a new technology which was introduced by Apple Inc in 2002 that supports only the Mac operating system and its version like Leopard, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks etc. It is a software application mainly used in manipulating the digital photo used to share, edit, import, group the digital photos. If you still have any confusion regarding iPhoto it can be compared to your Adobe’s Photoshop or Picasa.

Features of iPhoto

  • Allows sharing of photos from digital cameras, USB flash drives, CD’s, DVD’s and so on to your iPhoto library
  • Supports various file formats like JPEG, TIFF, JPG etc that even includes some of the RAW image formats such as CR2, CWR and so on
  • The iPhotos can be used for videos but the options like trimming, editing will be limited
  • Once the photos are imported to library they can be labeled, titled, sorted and similar ones can be grouped
  • Contrast, cropping, resizing, brightness, red-eye filter like this basic tools for manipulation are available
  • The created photo albums can be made into dynamic slideshows and set some music that are obtained from itunes

Since the technology is still new, the users of Mac operating system sometimes experience loss of photos while exploiting the services given by iPhoto but don’t panic!!! There is an optimal recovery tool called Remo Recover that can be utilized to photo recovery from iPhoto on Mac.

The general reasons for lost images from iPhoto are:

Usage of third party tools

The Kindle fire tablet also supports third party tools for various operations. For example, antivirus software is used to scan the tablet that prevents from virus. During the scanning process, if the software come across any infected photo gallery that makes it inaccessible without the knowledge of user.

Less knowledge about iPhoto

The users of Mac operating system are new the features of iPhoto. While exploiting their services, without exact knowledge sometimes leads to disasters like losing the saved photos.

Reinstallation of the software

Mac operating system allow its user to download the iPhoto software from any unknown websites or to copy from any kind storage devices like hard disk, flash drives etc. During the installation, if the software is infected from virus after scanning process that results in reinstallation of the software.


Excellent features of Remo Recover

Remo Recover is an ideal solution to get back the lost photos from iPhoto on Mac operating system. The tool provides simple user interface so that the people with less technical knowledge can install. The recovery algorithms are designed in such a way that helps in quick restoring of lost photos. Feature called Save Recovery Session that prevents rescanning of retrieved data hence the time is saved.  With the help on an option called Preview you can see the restored data in advance before sending to the destination. It supports different versions of Mac operating system like Mountain Lion, Mavericks etc. Trial version is available for the users to know the effectiveness in prior. Apart from iPhoto, Remo Recover can be utilized to rescue the deleted photos from Kindle fire tablet. For more information visit the URL

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