Repair Large Rar Files

Large files are usually compressed to make it easy and light for storage and transmission purposes. Such compressed files are called archive files. There are many different archive file formats available among which .zip, .rar, .7z are most common.

WinRar is the default tool used to create and retrieve .rar files. It uses lossless compression technique; which means there is no data loss when these files are compressed, no matter how large they are. But these files generally get corrupt when downloaded from the internet. To resolve the issue, downloading the file again helps in most cases.

In cases where the problem is more complex, you will need professional tools like Remo Repair RAR to repair your files.

How can Remo Repair RAR help you?

  1. When dealing with .rar files, you may encounter errors such as ‘CRC error’, ‘unexpected end of archive’, ‘corrupt file’ or ‘Access denied’. Remo Repair is a great tool to fix corrupt or damaged .rar files in any of these situations.
  2. It can also repair password protected files and large .rar files (4GB or more)
  3. The tool provides an easy to use interface with instructions provided for each step of the recovery process. If you have still have trouble using the tool or you are unable to fix your .rar file for any reason; you can contact our Technical support that’s available 24X7.
  4. You may be worried about using third party tools and the damage it may cause to your original file. Unlike other software, Remo Repair RAR is designed with a read only mechanism. It extracts contents of your file, fixes issues and creates healthy files. Your original file will thus not be disturbed.
  5. You don’t need to worry about compatibility issues of the software with your OS or with WinRar application. Remo Repair RAR supports all versions of WinRAR and all versions of Windows.
  6. In addition to recovering files from your system, it can also repair files present in external hard drives, USB’s and other storage devices

How to repair rar files?

Repairing .rar files using the Remo Repair Rar is a simple process. Once you install the software, run the tool and click on the file that needs to be fixed. Then click on repair and the tool will begin the repair process. Select the repaired RAR files and save them to a desired location. Detailed instructions with pictures on how to repair large rar files are provided on the website

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