Simple Method to Restore AMR Files

“Today morning in some distraction I deleted some of important audio clips from my mobile phone memory card, those audios were in .amr file format. Now I want to recover deleted AMR files, so can anybody help me out to overcome from this amr file loss situation and get back deleted AMR files?”

Well, it’s sad to know that you have deleted important files. But don’t worry, in this page you will get solution to your problem. Many of you think that, once any file is deleted accidentally or purposely it will be erased permanently from the storage device. Let me clear this thing, if any file is deleted from the system, it will not be wiped from the system, but the deleted files will still be present in the same location but invisible to access. Hence, it is quite difficult task for normal users to recover it.

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So resolve this issue Remo has come up with an excellent AMR file recovery tool known as Remo Recover, which can perform amr file recovery in a efficient way. Download and Install the free trial version of this software, and easily restore deleted or lost amr files on Windows Operating System.

AMR stands for Adaptive Multi Rate, it is an audio compression format optimized for speech coding. The common filename extension for this kind of files is .amr. There also exists another storage format for AMR that is suitable for applications with more advanced demands on the storage format, like random access or synchronization with video.

AMR file Loss Scenarios:

  • Unexpectedly deleting .amr files while accessing
  • If you are transferring AMR files from external storage devices to system or vice versa. Interruptions like system shutdown, power surge, etc will also results in AMF file loss from the storage device.
  • Deleting the files using “Shift + Delete” or “Delete All” combination keys, as this will make you face loss of AMR files permanently.
  • Converting the file extensions from one file format to other or reconversion will corrupt the existing files and thereby making you to delete the files permanently.

If you have lost your most important amr files, then no worries. Using Remo Recover software one can perform amr file recovery from the storage devices quickly and securely.

Key Features of Remo Recover Software:

The primary goal of this utility is to perform restoration of AMR files without consuming more time. It is designed simple and user friendly graphical interface so that even a not technical person can perform recovery process of AMR files easily. Remo Recover Software is the most efficient AMR audio file recovery tool that performs deep scanning of the drive in order to retrieve AMR files after data loss.

It not only help you undelete AMR files, but also supports recovery of pictures files like (JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, etc) , video files such as (3GP, AVI, MOV, MP4,etc), RAW images like ( ARI, ARW, BAY, CRW, CAP, DCR, ERF, NEF, etc) and other file types. Remo Recover supports all kinds of storage devices like Memory cards, SD cards, XD, SDHC cards, USB drives, etc. This software is free of virus, malware and spyware which ensure full protection to your computer. Use the trial version of this tool and check its efficiency.

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