Software to Recover Data from Western Digital External Hard Drive

Western Digital Elements WDBUZG0010BBK 1TB Portable Hard DriveHello Friends!! Last week I accidentally formatted my WD external hard drive as a result of which all files and folder wiped out from the drive. It was really horrible situation for me as external drive contains huge amount of important files. Can anyone suggest how do I recover data from a Western Digital external hard drive?

Remo Recover Software is an essential tool used to recover data from western digital external hard drive in few steps. You are able to install this application on Windows and Mac system to recover deleted or lost data. Apart from WD external hard drive, this software can also recover data from other brands of hard drive such as Buffalo, Samsung, SanDisk, Samsung, etc.

Steps to Recover Data from WD External Hard Drive

Step I: Download Remo Recover Windows tool on your system or laptop. Then launch the application to recover WD external hard drive.

Step II: After launch of application, you have to select one option from Recover Files, Recover Photos and Recover Drive. Then press next to continue the process.

Step III: Once you click on next button, you have two options to select i.e. “Partition Recovery” and Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”. In order to recover files from WD drive you need to select Partition recovery. Then select drive from which you have to recover data and press next button.

Step IV: With the next button, all recoverable files from that particular partition appear on screen. Select the files and press preview option to test the performance. You have to purchase this software in order to save the recovered files from WD external hard drive.

Scenarios for data loss from WD external hard drive

Accidental Deletion: Sometimes user accidentally press delete button as a result of which partition get deleted including all files and folder while performing certain action.

Formatting: It is an option to clear files and folder stored in drive. When user accidentally or intentionally press format button then data is wiped out from the drive.

Improper Installation of OS: During installation of operating system if system is turned off abruptly then there is high possibility of data loss from partition or drive.

File System Corruption: The file system contains information of data structure of any drive. If file system is corrupted due to virus attack then operating system is unable to locate the file stored in hard drive and finally user have to face data loss situation.

In such condition, Remo Recover Windows software is valuable in recovering data from WD external hard drive. With this tool, you are able to recover data from formatted, corrupt and damaged WD external hard drive.

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