Software to Recover Files from Windows 10 Partitions

Splitting the logical drives is a partition and it may lead to loss of data if handled incorrectly. When it comes to partition recovery, Remo Recover helps gain back your deleted files from the partitions in Windows 10. This partition recovery software Windows 10 focuses on recovery especially from Windows 10 operating system. It helps with inaccessible and corrupt partitions which hold important data.

Prominent Attributes of Remo Recover

partition recovery windows 10As it is built with highly sophisticated standards, it understands the concept behind the working of partitions and logical drives which saves the data into the disk drive. Some of the major features of the software are listed as follows.

  • Supports recovery from SATA, PATA, IDE drive interfaces and works on all operating systems including Windows 10.
  • Works regardless of hard drive brands such as Toshiba, Dell, and Transcend etc. This makes this software compatible with all types of disk drives.
  • Recovery from memory cards, pen drives, fire wire drive are also possible with Remo Recover and works with FAT16, 32 and NTFS5 file systems.
  • Allows preview of files prior to recovery and save recovery session gives access of saving the scanned files.
  • Supports disk partition recovery which scans the drive in depth to find the files missing, lost or deleted while partitioning.

Causes of Lost Partition in Windows 10

  • Resizing the partition using untrusted software leads to partition loss and this action is highly not recommended.
  • Shrinking and extending partition repeatedly using disk management utility after installing Windows 10 leads to partition loss.
  • When reinstalling Windows 10, choosing the wrong partition will cause all the data in the partition go lost or deleted.
  • Dual booting the operating system will result in unexpected results and causes partition loss.

How Remo Recover Works?

Remo Recover focuses on the core elements that the hard drive uses to store files in the partitions. So, it is easy for the software to recover it by applying some mechanism in it. The builders of the software are good knower of the functioning of the data loss and recovery. They know exactly what happens after partition loss or deletion thus created this interface to recover them back. Although it uses advanced algorithm, they keep the interface simple and easy to use even for a computer beginner. The usage of software requires no technical skills.

Steps in Partition Recovery

Launch the software and select Recover Drives in the wizard that appears. Then select Partition Recovery from the next screen and it guides to the next where you have to select the partition where you want to get back your files from. Clicking Next will scan the whole partition for files and gives you the results accordingly. You can preview them and sort on basis of the name, size and type of the file. You can opt to switch the interface to file type view or data type view depending upon your needs. For saving the files to the drive of your choice, you need to activate the full version software. Other than that, all the features listed above come packed with the software. The Save button will display once you activated the full version software.

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