The Best Tool to Recover Cut Files

Data manipulation using the common functionalities: cut, copy paste is very conventional. If you are using a laptop, PC or whatever a system then it will be really necessary for you to use these above said functions for moving data from one location to another and sometimes it becomes mandatory. But there is a drawback in doing this, mostly in cut function. Data may get lost during cut and paste. If such thing happens, what will you do? I think one question might be ringing your bell that how to restore cut files. And I will tell you what – restoring cut files is possible and very easy too.

There is a number of recovery software available in the market. Out of which Remo Recover is the most trusted according to my experience. Yes, I was benefitted by this tool. So I’m highly recommending you to use only this tool whenever it’s necessary. I would like to enlighten you about some features of Remo Recover. Please have a glance before using this tool.

Notable Qualities of Remo Recover:

  • Remo Recover is engineered by a team of seasoned experts and implemented with advance recovery mechanism which recognizes the original path of cut or deleted files after gone missing. The algorithm used helps you recover the cut or damaged files and folders within a couple of minutes.
  • The simple steps governed in this tool helps a newly aware person use to recover his desired cut data from all kinds of storage drives like external USB, FireWire, Pen drives, hard drives (SATA / SCSI/ IDE), flash memory cards, etc.
  • After it completed the scanning process, it lets you to a new window to preview your recovered data in which you can access all the data: play a video, open a document, etc.
  • It helps you find and sort the recovered cut files according to any one file configuration viz: file name, file size, file type, file extension, etc.
  • It provides you a hassle free pause and resumes facility. Means you can pause and resume the scanning process anytime you want with the help of “save recovery session” option. This option prevents the system to rescan the data.

Cases of Data Loss:

There are several points that need to be taken care of for future mishaps. Some of the main points of losing data are given below. Please kindly follow such factors to resist further data loss in your system or laptop.

  • Unsecure Shutdown: Improper closing of your running apps, unsecure shutdown of your laptop or PC, sudden power surge may lead you to face data loss.
  • Third party apps: In most cases you use third party applications in purpose of various functions and they work well without hampering your system. But in some cases these third party tools may become fatal result of which you have to face a serious damage of your valuable data.
  • Sudden removal of external connected USB drives or hard disk drives is another cause of losing data.

Points of Care:

  • Reduce the use of unlicensed third party tools.
  • Use copy – paste method instead of cut – paste.
  • Always use a reliable anti-virus to protect your system from Malware attack.
  • Keeping a back-up of all your valuable data would be really helpful for you.

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